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Komunikanta is a company delivering managerial and individual training, coaching and development in various domains such as languages and communication skills.

Based in Geneva, the company was established at the end of 2014 by two professional friends and colleagues and its activities are currently operational all over the Swiss French region.




Language Coaching

Language coaching is all about developing, training and preparing our clients to better perform and succeed in their daily business environment.

Once a mutual commitment is established, we use effective and productive learning and developing methods and tools to train our clients to embrace and make the best use of an acquired foreign language.

Moreover, by boosting our clients self confidence, they dare to open up, overcome barriers and blockages, explore languages, deepen their knowledge and accelerate an overall improvement in their communication and social skills. Consequently, results become apparent and noticeable rather quickly.

Requests are followed by language assessments and tailor made training is offered to individual, pair or small groups according to client’s needs and objectives.

Individual Coaching: Intensive “one-to-one” and “on-the-phone” Pair Coaching for oral and/or written expression – 1 participant

Free Oral Expression Course – refresh oral skills – 3-4 participants

Written Expression Development – improve your written skills – 3-4 participants

Role Play for Particular Work Situations – Language & Competence Coaching

Weekly Intensive Course


Le Coaching Linguistique

Le coaching linguistique nous permet d’accompagner nos clients vers plus d’efficacité en terme de communication en environnement professionnel.

Après avoir établi les bases d’une relation de confiance mutuelle, nous appliquons des méthodes et outils d’apprentissage éprouvés, dans le but de pousser nos clients à mieux utiliser la langue étrangère.

En stimulant la confiance en soi, nous les aidons à se lancer à la découverte de la langue, approfondir leurs connaissances et d’une manière générale à accélérer le développement de leurs compétences relationnelles et sociales.

Les résultats sont perceptibles assez rapidement.

Lorsque les besoins d’un client sont identifiés et formulés, nous évaluons le niveau de langue et formulons une offre sur mesure pour des individus, des binômes ou petits groupes, en fonction des objectifs et besoins des clients.

Coaching individuel: coaching “face à face” ou par téléphone – développement des compétences à l’écrit et/ou à l’oral (1-2 apprenants).

Formation présentielle : Développement des compétences à l’oral (3-4 apprenants).

Formation présentielle : Développement des compétences à l’écrit (3-4 apprenants).

Jeux de rôle pour situations de travail particulières – Coaching linguistique et opérationnel.

Formation intensive d’une semaine.

Life Coaching

For us, in Komunikanta, Life Coaching is about empowering, boosting and motivating our clients to perform at their best, achieve their goals as well as attain their targets, while embracing the shifts and welcoming the successful changes.

Being passionate about what we do and professional about how we do it – we are committed to lead our clients using our own expertise and skills through a powerful collaboration and hence be present in their life journey where they find a well personal balance between our existence as human BEINGS and as human DOINGS.

Finally, while employing various coaching models and focusing on powerful collaboration, you will discover that YOU possess within, your own solutions and answers which would consequently enable you to overcome obstacles and barriers and lead you to live a more fulfilled, meaningful life.


Pour nous, à Komunikanta, le coaching de vie c’est un puissant levier pour booster les performances et la motivation de nos clients.

Ainsi, grâce à ce travail personnel, nos coachés atteignent de meilleurs résultats, ils sont plus ambitieux et plus innovants, ils développent le goût du changement et le gèrent avec succès.

Nous utilisons divers outils de communication et modèles de coaching pour guider nos clients dans la recherche de leur propre chemin de vie, ce qui va leur permettre d’équilibrer le FAIRE et l’ÊTRE.

Nous sommes à la fois passionnées par ce que nous faisons et par la façon dont nous le faisons. Nous croyons vraiment qu’en combinant nos outils professionnels, nos compétences et notre expertise, ainsi qu’une collaboration et un engagement mutuel forts, nous pouvons aider nos clients à surmonter les obstacles et barrières, les coacher pour qu’ils prennent conscience qu’ils ont en eux toutes les réponses et les solutions pour gérer les situations qu’ils rencontrent.

Nous les poussons à l’épanouissement et à la réalisation de soi.

Team Coaching & Team Building

Requests are followed by an assessment and tailor-made training is offered according to the client’s needs and objectives.

Managerial Coaching

Requests are followed by an assessment and tailor made coaching is offered to individuals according to their needs.

Personal Development

Performance & Efficiency

Leadership, Innovation

Time Management

Translation & Interpretation Services

We offer translation and interpretation services in the following languages among others:

French – English – German – Swiss German – Spanish – Hebrew



Click the button to send us a message. We are always happy to hear from you and one of our team will answer your questions as quickly as possible.




I needed help with certain legal documents for my new website in a rush and the team at Komunikanta did an amazing job in getting the pages accurately translated and delivered in such a short time space. Fantastico!

―Guglielmo Patane

Always a pleasure to work with Ayelet and Chantal as they always calm any troubled waters. Brilliant service, great aftercare and we can highly recommend their service.

―Martin Peters

I really enjoyed the one-to-one coaching and the follow up support on the phone was brilliant – looking forward to the group session.

―Collette Andrews
Sherwood Global