The purpose of Komunikanta is to develop a tailor-made managerial and linguistic training for companies and/or individuals using various methods as coaching, collective training, consulting and team building. In addition, we offer translation and interpretation services in numerous languages.

Our mission is to lead our clients to improve leadership and communication skills, develop positive feedback, and enhance self-confidence as well as self-esteem, to achieve motivation and good energy level at work.

Our ethos is built on our four foundations of:

  • Competence and experience in the subject matter
  • Understanding and sensitivity to client’s needs
  • Unique tailor-made products and services
  • Professional and friendly delivery

Ayelet Joanes

Specialist in international media news releases, information leaflets production and translation for over 6 years

An international reinsurance marketing specialist and account underwriter, BBA, various professional courses for 5 years

Commodities marketing and sales manager in two multinational companies as well as in a family owned business for 10 years

A language instructional coach for adults and children  for 11 years and a professional life coach advising teenagers and adults for 4 years

Fluent languages:
English | Hebrew |  German | French | Portuguese

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